Holiday Ownership Program

Vacation ownership, or timeshare ownership, is a great way to travel how you want, meaning that you truly do own your vacations. If you’re interested in learning about the possibilities that await with owning your vacations, we discuss all of the benefits of timeshare ownership below.

Vacation Ownership Meaning

There is no difference between the meaning of “vacation ownership” and “owning a timeshare.” Simply stated, vacation ownership is just another way to say timeshare. It is the concept of owning a portion of a resort with the right to use the unit or points you own. Vacation ownership comes with a ton of benefits.

A dream for many is the opportunity to travel the world and honestly, who wouldn’t want that? The great thing about timeshares is that they offer opportunities to travel from coast to coast, but many brands also offer options abroad. Vacation ownership can allow you to travel to somewhere new each year, meaning that the dream of traveling the world may just become reality! Read on to find out how.