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“Pocket Friendly Holidays”, that’s our motto and true to it we have a package for each one of you.

The fun filled & luxurious holidays are not reserved for the high-class people, driven by this thought we have launched our new mission of “Kaiden Hospitality”, a vacation for each one of you.

We have grown up being in the hospitality industry, been here for more than 18 years gives us a strong understanding of what a customer demands and deserves during his vacations. We have come up with innovative packages suiting different pocket sizes and expectations. Tell us your budget and we will design a package filled with fun, luxury, comfort and of course with loads of happiness.

We are partners with over 100 resorts across India & Asia, who have server our 2000+ plus members by now. The same happiness we want to share with more people…who join us not just as member of the club, but infect a member of our extended family.

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